St Clair Shores Michigan

Located on the shores of Lake St. Clair, our suburban “bedroom” community has a small-town flavor — over 90% residential with good neighbors who know each other and participate in the many volunteer and recreational events.  St. Clair Shores is a place that we are proud to call home.

This web site serves as a community resource as well as a window into our fine city for all those interested in visiting.  The waterfront and neighborhood parks, excellent schools, art fair, parade, fireworks, sports and recreation, community  services, and a busy city hall – you can see it and read about it all here.  The area of St. Clair, Michigan was founded in the early 1700’s and was once known as L’anse Creuse.  The area was once part of Erie Township but in the 1900’s split off into Lake Township.   St. Clair Shores was once known as a fantastic resort community due to it’s location but changed inthe a suburban area after WWII.

27600 Jefferson Circle Dr.
St. Clair Shores, MI 48081
(586) 445-5200

Welcome to St Clair Shores Michigan website.  In recognition of the profound and complex issues that modern human civilization faces, including fossil fuel depletion, climate change and increasingly globalized and unpredictable economic conditions, Transition Saint Clair Shores seeks to increase the resilience of the city of Saint Clair Shores and the surrounding bioregion.

The City Manager’s  office is located in City Hall at 27600 Jefferson Circle Dr., St. Clair Shores, MI. 48081.  He may be contacted by phone and may be contacted via e-mail. The city manager for the City of St. Clair Shores is appointed by the Mayor and Council and functions as the Chief Administrative Officer of our City.  St. Clair Shores was originally incorporated in 1951.  As a Home Rule City, under a Council/Manager form of government, the Mayor and Council are responsible for policy direction.  Day-to-day administration is left in the hands of the city manager.  Under the terms of the City Charter, 10.052 (Section 3.13) entitled “City Manager; Powers and Duties”, the manager is responsible for the following:

a. To supervise and direct the administration of all administrative departments of the city government except the functions of the city attorney;

b. To enforce all city laws, ordinances, contracts and franchises to the extent of his powers;

c. To act as the purchasing agent of the city;

d. To report to the council from time to time the financial condition of the city and such other matters as should come to its attention;

e. To attend all meetings of the council and its committees;

f. To recommend for adoption such measures as may be deemed necessary or expedient;

g. To exercise and perform all the administrative functions of the city which are not imposed by this charter or by ordinance upon some other official, and, in general, to perform such acts as the council may direct in the general management of city affairs.

To assist in the city manager’s office, the staff includes an Executive Assistant, Natalie Turner.